Wearing of masks no longer compulsory in Botswana

The Ministry of Health announced that with effect from the 28 th September 2022, wearing of masks in
Botswana will now be optional in all areas.
This announcement comes just two days before the celebration of Botswana’s 54 th Independence Day.
According to the press release issued, all other remaining COVID-19 protocols like social distancing in
schools and requirements for vaccination or PCR tests at ports of entry have also been removed.
However, since COVID-19 is still a serious threat, the ministry advises Batswana and residents of the
country to ensure that they are vaccinated or have taken their booster shots, if due, so that they remain
protected against the disease.
The ministry further advises parents to allow their children aged 5 to 18 years, to also get vaccinated
against COVID-19.
According to the press release, it is only through vaccination against the disease that people can freely
go about with their everyday life without fear of any possibility of severe symptoms, if they get infected.
Despite this latest relaxation of COVID-19 protocols, the ministry still advises Batswana and residents of
Botswana to use their discretion to still follow some protocols, as this can help safeguard their health.

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