The rise of the Red Kalahari Goat Breed

With Batswana slowly moving into commercialization of small stock, most have found a market niche in rearing red Kalahari reds. It is a breed that sells the highest at auction events and it is one of the most expensive breeds in Botswana.

The origin of this goat is traced to South Africa. Ghana news reports says it is believed that red Kalahari goat descended from the Boer goat breeds of South Africa. The name of this goat is derived from the Kalahari Desert, which stretches the borders of three countries Botswana, South Africa and Namibia. The adverse climatic conditions across the borders of these three countries have contributed immensely to the better adaptations of this goat breed.

This goat is very resistant to extreme weather conditions. In addition, its thick skin stores a lot of fats which enables it to thrive well in drought prone regions. The red Kalahari goat is very economical to keep because of the following.

  • It is resistant to high thermal radiations.
  • Has good foraging ability
  •  It is very resistant to parasites and diseases.
  • The goat produces high quality carcasses. The milk from red Kalahari goat is also of high quality as it has high butter fat content
  • Can walk for long distance. This is very advantageous to pastoralist’s communities because the goat can walk for a long time without getting weary in search of pasture and food. Mature female Kalahari goat breed weigh approximately 280 pounds while male Kalahari goat may attain a maximum weight of up to 370 pounds.

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