Morupisi long walk to possible 17 years in prison

Former top civil servant, Carter Morupisi, was once close to the country Executive decision and sat on
the board of big diamonds money spinner, Debswana.
But he is now a disgraced figure who this week took a lonely stand against state for charges of
corruption, abuse of office and money laundering.
The charges against him are serious and will have a court to set an example on public servants holding
powerful positions. He has been fighting to defend himself since 2019. He should be one of President
Masisi’s example on clearing corruption.
One of Morupisi‘s sins should be political. He has sought refuge from former president Khama who also
has charges to answer against the state. Morupisi was an ardent member of Khama’s BPF even towards
his sentencing which was supposed to be this week but moved to end of this month.
Morupisi has delayed his sentencing by offering mitigation to the court. Initially, Morupisi did not want
to mitigate.
Morupisi told the court he is advance of age, a pensioner. He also decried how the case tarnished his
reputation and countering his image as a role model even for the disabled.
However, the state put it to him that he is not supposed to be shown remorse since he “was corrupt”
and not the one to be a role model.
Morupisi was initially charged with his wife who was later discharged. Morupisi pleaded for a lesser
sentence saying the charges laid against him and being handcuffed caused his mother’s death. The state
didn’t buy Morupisi‘s tears a bit.
All the charges laid against Morupisi will see him go to jail for almost 15 years, if it is a lesser sentence,
and 20 years for a severe sentence.
Morupisi served in government for decades. He was once a director of DPSM. That was when, under
Khama’s rule, had a face to face battle with public servants. It was under his watch when public servants
went on the Mother of All Strikes of 2011.
Morupisi was then promoted to Private Secretary to the President a position he held before falling out
with President Masisi. Most of the charges he got was when he was director of DPSM and a chairman of
BPOPF which was swindled a lot of money years ago. Some suggest Morupisi is a fall guy in all the
corruption that went on during Khama’s tenure.
Morupisi political ambitions has been well stated and even aspired to be a legislator under BPF card. His
wife was once a contender in BDP primaries. He was recently seen in the self-exiled Khama’ faction
when it was up against Samson Guma who wants to take the party from Khama’s faction. He was even
writing letters for the factions. Morupisi will be sentenced 30 November 2022.

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