How drug peddler escaped Botswana authorities into SA

It has emerged that the South African intelligence monitored and nabbed a 45 year old Botswana who was with cocaine worth almost P1.8 million in street value. The man was caught allegedly smuggling cocaine from Botswana through the Swartkoptein border. 

However, it is curious how the Botswana authorities were not aware of this operation, as it seemed their South African counterpart left them in the dark through-out the process. 

“The suspect was arrested after a taxi travelling from Botswana to SA was searched and the three bags of cocaine were allegedly found hidden in false compartments of his two backpacks,” said the South African authorities. 

An eye witness who was there during the nab told this publication that the man was calm and relaxed when the authorities searched him and during the entire arrest. “These guys know their thing. The powder was compressed to stay flat even though it was a lot. There was some which was in a liquid form,” said the eye witness. 

The suspect was supposed to appear before Lehurutshe Magistrates Court this week. The South African authorities and their Botswana counterparts did not deny nor confirm whether the suspect appeared before the courts. The man is supposed to face charges of contravening the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act. 

Former BDF general Pius Mokgware went on social media this week suggesting that either the South African authorities hid such sensitive information of a million Pula drug pusher to Botswana because he was not caught at the border by surprise. He also led to the question of Botswana intelligence community competence in this matter.

Botswana has been said to be a transit of drugs from outside Africa to other parts and mostly destined to South Africa. It is said Botswana to be a safe haven for serious drugs. Some are also suggesting that strong drugs like cocaine and crack might be manufactured in Botswana

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